Wednesday, August 15, 2007

MMM party pics!!!!

the "maxim motorati madness" party was SO MUCH FUN... i had an amazing time... i had been having the most terrible lag all day/week, (as i am on vacation on a unstable connection) so i thought for sure i was NOT gonna be able to even log in. but for some reason (i did pray) i had NO lag at all until the very end when the sim crashed!!! a lot of girls named ruth showed up, lol, and i took tons of photos, but i picked some of the best to show you a bit here...

(whoever took those photos at the end when i couldn't see myself PLEASE send me some cuz i want to see you all!!!!)

this party was to sorta "wrap" the tours, open the "beach club" and celebrate!!!

i'd like to say a heart felt thank you to our very generous sponsors who donated wonderful gifts that were given out during the tours:

• nicky ree (custom made motorati racing suit)
• garbage prototype (men's hair)
• six kennedy (women's hair)
• feri beckenbaurer (red leather oi boots)

also special thanks to shane hornet who provided the music and special welcome for the tour goers when we arrived to the club, and amanda shinji for the cute R/C cars each person received. also ty to maddie camus for working SO hard to get the club ready for the tours, and to all the motorati girls who helped decorate, be available for video shoots and all that you did... ally, kiana, maddie & bianca... you all were amazing to work with.

ok, that's all for now!!!