Monday, August 13, 2007

BECOME A SECOND LIFE GOD!!! OR.... ebay, caLLie and getting rich

i just wanted to address this post as i guess a few of you have seen this on ebay and have inquired about it.

for the record, i did not give permission for this person to use my image, also, i am in no way involved with this "get rich quick" book, info, or whatever it is they are selling.

i had to chuckle a bit tho... i love the words that are spelled wrong. (i'm not the best speller and i wish blogger had spell check) but "Lindon's" made me laugh.

perhaps it's to avoid a lawsuit for LL...

if you read it you even see "BECOME A SECOND LIFE GOD" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH that's hilarious!

i took 2 screen shots and put them together to post this (didn't get them quite right) and wrote the seller to please remove my image last week. so far no response...

anyway for the record, i have nothing to do with this!!! (btw, don't ya love how it starts saying make 24K day, then clarifies later... it's "lindon's"



p.s. more later on FUN stuff!!!!