Monday, August 4, 2008

magazine week! dejavu & more...

wow, this has been a crazy week! i've been really busy with a ton of stuff and frEEbie gEEbie week, and i'm just getting time to blog about this!!!

i am so happy to say that i was asked to be on the cover of dejavu magazine and have a photo spread for september issue. the first time i ever saw that magazine was when digit darkes was on it, i LOVED HER SPREAD... and loved the work of cicciuzzo gauzman. our shoot was SO MUCH FUN!!! even though working with me caused him to take so many smoking breaks i think he needed an oxygen treatment the next day, we had a blast! he's a wonderful man, a very talented artist and very sweet. this is exciting for me as it's my very first SL fashion cover and i know those are not easy to come by as each magazine only has 12 issues, so to be in this magazine, which is one of my favorites in SL with some of the most beautiful spreads i've ever seen, i can truly say, it was worth the wait. the spread is titled "fashion debutante"... the cover, "chocolate" (look inside mag to find out why)

(calidescope eyes, and detour hair, sue stonebender earings)

a jean ad shot by cicci :) (wearing cc signature thrashed jeans & deviant kitties hair)

page & two one of the spread... (wearing galaxy girl in silver, naughty hair, cc signature boots)

(armidi hair in first photo, detour hair in second photo)

(deviant kitties hair in both photos)

(cake braids first photo, detour hair second photo)

thank you to deja vu for asking me to be part of your wonderful publication!!!

(more on mag week on the next post!!!)



(nevermore skins worn in all photos, my own custom pose in bubble mash up photo by alexx markova)

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