Thursday, September 3, 2009

10 more things...

ok well yesterday's post got a lot of feedback too. since my graphics card issues are still not fixed i'm going to use this opportunity to share a bit more.

today... 10 things to try to strengthen an existing business or friendship relationship or otherwise known as "nice things to do that may cheer someone else up"

we all have days, week, years and stuff that SUCK EGGS! we can all relate to that huh? unless we live in utter denial (i try but it just does NOT work) we could all use a big of encouragement. even those we think of as uber successful, totally confident (not possible) or whatever we may think of some who seems to have it "all together" i can PROMISE YOU they do NOT and encouragement and nice things can really steer the course of someone's day in a very positive direction.

i find that VERY exciting, don't you?

ok so here are a few things we can try to just encourage each other along... i am thinking off the top of my head on this and some i do, have done or will do hopefully!

1. write your entire friends list and tell them you're thankful for them in your SL... this is FUN and OMG you will see the most interesting conversations emerge when a group of people start posting. it's a lot of fun.

2. send a little note of encouragement to a friend in SL you know is down. even a few words can really uplift someone.

3. write a Linden (pick one) and let them know you appreciate their efforts in making SL better, if you name something specific, even better!

4. visit a store of a "competitor" *gasp* and buy something you've been admiring for awhile. it's so much fun to actually SEE a REAL person who you know is a creator buy from you, and not just their alt.

5. invite a friend out for a 10 minute random tp adventure! (click on the map, go, then tp them! then let them do the same) this is one of my favorite games EVER... though once i ended up at the "diaper academy" (don't ask)

6. reach out to a friend who in your SL past was a bigger part and let them know (if it's true) that you miss them.

7. find 5 people on your list to just say HI to. (example: "hey, can't talk now but wanted to say hi and that i was thinking of you!")

8. send a few people a funny freebie. (i love the huge octopus) and name it, "the new black" must wear NOW.

9. say hello to a new person you may have recently met just to encourage them.

10. do one of those things you've been "meaning to do" when you had time. write that note, send that gift, just DO IT (sorry nike) :)

ok now since TIME is so limited, when doing anything that could turn into a long dialogue, simply state upfront, "i don't have time to talk but.. .wanted to send you this!"

i hope some of those things help you, i know i love when people take time to encourage me, i need it, daily... and anyway there ya go!


Codie said...

can i has your babies? <3

i admire you so much for being such a positivist, you always remind me how sweet SL can be when you care about the people around you. fuck those calling us polyannas, they don't know what they are missing. kudos for those 3 last posts, that totally sealed your place as one of my very fav rolemodels.

caLLie cLine said...

well tbh pollyanna is one of my favorite movies EVER... she looked on the bright side of things but was witty, smart, curious, bratty, courageous, mischievous, and a hell of a lot of fun.

she didn't live in denial and understood the pain of life and i adore her and i don't care if someone calls me that!

i love when the old lady in the movie says "you have a stubby nose" and she says "i know! i wish i was pretty like you!"


ok well huggs!