Thursday, May 6, 2010


HELLO ALL! this little dress comes in this long sleeve version and a tank version and it new and 50L only for the FIFTY LINDEN FRIDAY event this week! it's the new dress i wore on one of the covers of the new ICON MAGAZINE... more on that later but here's the photo for the dress!

available ONLY in my main store in caLLiefornia :)

while you're there check out this AMAZING NEW  TAIL i had the honor or collaborating with the lovely Obyri Nightfire of Psychotic Neko with! I have always wanted my own "tail" and even tho it took a long time to get a "pampered kitty" tail :) it was well worth the wait as PN has the most amazing scripted tails i've ever seen... i am beyond honored that Obyri did this special tail ;) and I think her tails are the BEST i've seen bar none!  but  more too on that in another post!!

but here's a photo!

here is your ride over!!!

more on the neko stuff and the icon shoot.



p.s. miss u all!

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