Friday, May 14, 2010

ICON MAGAZINE - worth the wait

over a year ago i was asked by ICON magazine to be on their cover. actually they weren't even a magazine yet and i was asked if i'd want to be the first person to appear on the cover. after some chats with them about what kind of magazine it would be, etc. i agreed. their concept changed during their planning and so i was going to be the second or 3rd cover...

then i got busy... they got busy...  and finally this may i have the honor of being in icon magazine. it's really timely and special to me for a few reasons and one reason i didn't know about until the magazine came out and i read the publishers note from Wil Dreadlow. I grew to really admire and respect Wil since the day we first spoke and even though our interactions were limited, i admired him as a person. we spoke about the cover and what ideas for it, and of course i couldn't think of "one" look i wanted so i said, "hey what about if we did 2 covers!" he agreed.

the process of choosing the "looks" for the cover was challenging for me as i like so many looks and have a hard time picking one thing in anything. (don't even ask about ordering at a restaurant with a large menu!)

in the end the creative process took over, (yay for that) and these are the 2 covers that came out of it. I had the honor of working with SC Tracy for the cover and inside spreads and I learned a lot, was challenged, and in the end, i'm pretty happy with the outcome. sure now i see things i wish i would have "fixed" on the retouching i did, but i think an artist always looks back on their work and sees things they missed.

oh... the special reason for this magazine? well one was a lot of different people i've met in SL from my closest friends and OLDEST to some new friends appear inside the magazine in a fun spread. another reason was being able to finally debut some things under the "nekoture" brand i've been working on for 3 years (as time permits) and also wearing new "makeover™" makeups i've been working on. then another surprise that made this a bit more poignant. i learned when reading wil's note he was retiring from ICON and SL to tend to RL things so i was the last person to appear on the cover with him as the owner. i will miss him and am thankful i had the honor of meeting him. he's a great man.

here is the link to the online version of the magazine and you can also pick up a copy inworld in my main store (top of my pics). there are some cool photos inside and a short article. i hope you enjoy it!



credits on cover 1:

skin: nevermore
makeover™ makeup overlay, "nekoture" ears, necklace and rainbowa in white, nose stud in 12 gemstones caLLie cLine
lashes: lynnix and kata0nik
hair: abyss

credits on cover 2:
skin & rosary nevermore
makeover™ makeup overlay, the little gLitter dress, caLidescope peridot eyes, caLLie cLine
immortal cross: SC Tracy
hair: 69

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