Thursday, May 20, 2010

the little gLitter dress - new - 10 colors - yummy!

the little gLitter dress in 11 colors!

a wardrobe must have! my new glitter dress comes in a long sleeve and tank version and is on shirt, undershirt, underpants and pants layers and comes with a prim attachment. Worn with out the attachment it looks like a cute hotpants suit, worn with the attachment it's a sexy little mini dress that can be dressed up or down.

Debuting in Silver for the Icon Cover (photo shown) it now has 10 other yummy colors, some of which have an opalescent look. Champagne, Metal, Ocean, and more... yumminess!

worn with my fave boots of the moment from Tesla, you can see the colors here worn with my new signature "rocker chick belt" which also saw it's debut in this months ICON mag. (photo below)

(can u spot any of your sl friends in this shot? :) i can! hehe. i spy... lexi morgan, harper beresford, jaz zephyr, dazz anvil, SC tracy, bianca darling, sysy chapman, nexeus fatale, crap mariner, barnesworth!! yay, lol, my old friend wandering yaffle, and more... :) hehe...

i hope you enjoy these fun dresses, perfect for anytime of year!



poses: luth
skin: nevermore:
boots: tesla
hair: armidi
jewels: the rock ring and bangle by caLLie cLine

credit photo 2:
hair: 69
makeover™ makeup, belt, boots, cc slims, by caLLie cLine
pose: rouge
rosary & base skin: nevermore
cross: SC tracy

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